AI for manager
סדנת AI למנהלים ולמקבלי החלטות

AI - Artificial intelligence workshop
Artificial intelligence or AI has been defined in various ways, through the years. Since it is a combination of complex technologies, the best way to describe it is as a powerful machine that analyzes data quickly and is able to mimic human-like decision-making behavior.

AI and your business (4 hours)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Concepts, terminology and misconceptions

Building strategic advantage 

Machine Learning

Using machines that learn 

Your data is you business

Natural Language Processing 

Conversational AI: Personal Assistants and Bots

Reading and understanding

Making an impact 

AI and the future of work and society.


Concerns and ethical considerations

The future with AI

Open discussion

הרשם/מי עכשיו וישלחו פרטים נוספים